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Natural Raffia Bed Skirt

Go Tropical!!  Your Bed will be doing the hula with our Natural Raffia Grass Bed skirt. These come extra long, about 34 inches, you can trim it or let it pool on the floor, or even layer it over another bed skirt for a really fun effect. 

  • 100% Natural Raffia 
  • Generous 30 drop, Must be trimmed to correct length for the height of your bed.
  • Raffia is sewn to  sheeting, like a regular bed skirt, 
  • do not launder, can be vacuumed to remove dust.

Our  Grass Bed skirt is made from actual shredded palm leaves, color and texture will vary since this is a natural product. The raffia is 100% natural, and treated with flame retardant. 

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